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Complaint against Commuter Club

I've been using Commuter Club for 1 year and half. When I started everything went fine and it was a really good deal with a discount at the begining. Last June I changed my contract from zone 1 to 3 to zone 1 to 2. They cannot changed it online with using the same card. You have to send you card back to them, buy yourself a travel card for 7 days, then receive your new card and send the receipt of the 7days travel card you bought so they can refund it. It is a bit of a faf and the whole thing took a good 15 days to be sorted. The following 2 months I was still charged like I was paying for zone 1 to 3. I reported it as soon as it happened. I contacted them via emails a few times and had to explain every time the whole story. After a few emails I got fed up and decided to call them directly. They said they would escalate it to the operational team ever since I called (every week since July). Nothing ever happend, they have not contacted me back, I always have to get in touch and re-explain the whole story. As I did not want to be overcharged again, I cancelled my contract later on and had to wait a good month to get refunded what I haven't used. The cancelation process is not clear. I cancelled a day after I paid for a whole new month (£158) but got refunded £38. I asked some explanation which they replied by saying this is calculated on a usage since the beginning of the contract... Beginning of October I am still waiting for the refund of the difference of the 2 months I was overcharged. Eventhough they said they would come back to me on my last call they didn't. They are obviously not in a rush to give me the refund and sounds like they are waiting for the customer to get fed up chasing them. I never had such a bad experience in customer service.

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