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Camara's complaint against Commuter Club

Camara Musso


Worst company ever! Stay away

Complaint against Commuter Club

Had the worst customer experience on the phone. After being kept on hold for over 30mins, the phone was hanged up without any one picking up and when I called back and finally managed to get through to someone, the agent was disgustingly rude and very unhelpful. He sounded like he had just woken up and was picking the call from his bedroom. I explained that I had ordered a replacement card which took almost two weeks to be delivered and that I wanted a refund for the period in which I was waiting for my card to be sent to me. The agent said this cannot be done as it’s part of my loan agreement to pay full price every month and he was DISGUSTINGLY rude and condescending. When asked to get transferred to someone else or a manager, he refused and said he cannot do so. When I asked him for his name, he said his name was Muhammed and sarcastically added ‘Do you want me to spell that for you?’ After 20mins of asking him to transfer me to a manager, he hanged up the phone on me. I called back again and as soon as he realised it was me, he hanged up the phone again. This is the first time in my life I’m ever having any customer service agent hang up the phone on me and I’m still shocked at how terrible the customer service is! After finally being put through to a manager after the 4th call, I made a complaint and all she did was make excuses and asked me if I’m sure that the agent hanged up the phone on me and whether it wasn’t a case of a bad phone connection. This is not the first time I’ve had such a terrible service from commuter club, the customer service agents are all clueless and very unhelpful and it takes weeks to receive any response from their customer service team. Honestly, if you’re thinking of joining commuter club, just don’t. You’re better off paying that extra £20 or £30 discount directly to tfl because you’ll surely get a much better customer service. If there was an option to pick no ratings for this review I would because I’m honestly appalled at the level of bad customer service this company gives.

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