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Dulisha's complaint against Commuter Club

Dulisha Perera


Worst customer service/changeover expereince ever

Complaint against Commuter Club

I requested to change my ticket from zone 1,2 to zone 2,3. This was done fine in terms of getting tickets changed but the issue was with refunding the difference. I did the change over back in early November and now we are in mid/late January I still haven't received the refund for overcharging me for 3 months. They have been charging me for zone 1,2 when I was changed to zone 2,3. I called customer service numerous times and I get different info. They say when they do the change over they will send a breakdown and the money owe to you or money owed by you. I never got anything and I have no way to escalate the issue. The only contact is customer care and I get no where. I send emails and they do not even get back to me. I am not going to renew my contract as you can buy directly from TFL and you save 5%. Only if you can upfront obviously. They offer the same benefits like gold card, if you move houses/job they will amend the ticket free of charge etc. Now that the rail fair has gone up once again I am better off saving my money by £55 a year by going directly with TFL.

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Dulisha Perera | | VERIFIED

Furthermore. I cannot even login to my own homepage. There is an error saying 'An error has occured' It has been like this for months. I called and logged this issue but it's ridiculous I cannot login and see my account. I am so angry as there is no way to escalate any issues. If things are good, then good but if you have any issues they be careful as you may not get any help from them.

Zahera Ali | | VERIFIED

Complain to the FOS, then they will take it seriously.
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