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Paolo's complaint against Commuter Club

Paolo D'Arco


worst customer service ever

Complaint against Commuter Club

It is more than a month now that I cannot login into my account, I have left a message using the support button that comes up when the error happens and no one ever got in contact with me for that, I have had a live chat with someone who was probably just trying to sell me something and when realized that I had a technical issue told me to email customer service, I do email customer service, they reply after a day and they tell me to call customer service to explain the issue to someone, when the issue has been explained to pretty much every person who works there and is very simple an error message comes up when I try to login, I have also sent a screenshot of the error, now a WEEK AGO I was told that my ticket has been escalated, since then no one has been in touch no one replies to my emails anymore and the result is, I still cannot login to my account. but guess what NEXT MONTH i AM UP FOR RENEWAL, I bet someone will be finally in touch and they will be very nice, but they still won't have solved my problem

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Zahera Ali | | VERIFIED

Complain to the FOS, then they will take it seriously.

Takeyuki Ogu | | VERIFIED

I had a similar situation and problem. They wrongly issued two cards and I was asked to pay the unneeded a card and finally they just collected my money to settle the loan and stop anything. When I recognised I did not get my money, it is too late for tfl, because the card was expired. Then this bad company said we can not do anything for refund. It is worst experience.
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