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I have just returned from a trip to Newcastle,which included a day out at Beamish and one to Lindisfarne. I have two questions to ask David Urquart. One...why on earth choose a trip to Beamish in the middle of the school holidays,when the place is heaving with families,prams and pushchairs and the queues are a mile long to get onto the trams.?Surely it would be far more sense to pitch earlier or later in the year,especially as there don't seem to be many children on these trips!!,mostly retired,or older people. Two...Why pick a hotel (Jury's Inn,) in the middle of Newcastle when the transplant games are being held,hence there being not a lot of time ,or space to concentrate on the other guests. the staff were run off their feet trying to accommodate our party,but we were shoved into the late sitting for evening meal .8.30p.m..which were disgusting in the main,and pushed upstairs into a function room. The games people had far more choice,with salads and a good choice of sweets,which we didn't get. A lot of our group spent extra money going out for our meals,as we needed to eat at a more reasonable time,I did my friends and I, and enjoy our food,which we certainly weren't able to do at the hotel. On the plus side,the staff were amazing,I have never had so much kindness,and nothing was too much trouble. The rooms were large and pristine,the towels snowy white and the bed was lovely and comfortable. Our Driver was very good and the drive was very smooth...he did very well in spite of long hours. at the wheel,and driving back on a bank holiday Friday. (I will forgive him for hours of non stop radio two,enough to give me a headache!!)It was lovely to have the air con on. Thank you John.

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