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Lynda's complaint against The Grand Burstin Hotel

Lynda Richards


Xmas 2017

Complaint against The Grand Burstin Hotel

Complaint is travellers turned up for Xmas not a problem at first but children were then running amok no parental control at all parents had no respect they just went straight to front of queue at bar expected immediate service it appeared staff was intimadated by them no respect at all for others fight broke out police called One went into breakfast not that they had paid walked out with a heaped plateful of breakfasts were stopped by 2 members of staff but we're just ignored. They were on same floor as ourselves we had no sleep as arguments between men and women just shouting going on until 2am hotel did nothing about anything. We went away as others hoping on an enjoyable xmas but this didn't happen as all guests felt intimidated by them expecting things to take off at any time If hotel caters for children they should lay on entertainment for them they cannot expect to take children their and not accommodate suitable entertainment for them. Most of quests came by coach and we're elderly and frankly were petrified all the time of what was going to kick off.Like ourselves we had saved up all year for this xmas holiday and it was ruined. Brittania could have put a stop to all this trouble but in my opinion this didn't happen as in my opinion they were more interested in all the money they would made by travellers spending on drink from morning until early hours or they just didn't want to get involved in the hassle. Obviously money over ides regular and coach company's trade. I have no problems with travellers but I do think that Burstin Hotel could and should have handled this situation but in my opinion they were to scared and what does that prove regular customers and coach parties are just a second priority to them. I would ask that I get a response to this from brittania I did not fill in a complaint form at the hotel for the reason that I knew that they would just ignore it. I visit Burstin 2 or 4 times a year but after this fiasco I will certainly not be visiting it again after this disaster xmas once again we have saved up all year to celebrate xmas as senior citizens and have just had it ruined plus have had no sleep because of all the shouting next door from these people. I feel that the Burstin have turned a blind eye to these people but it is there regular customers and coach companies that keep them in business

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