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Mark's complaint against Travelate

Mark Turner


Changed dates

Complaint against Travelate

Booked holiday for 29th of May daughter received call saying that we have changed the date of your flight basically we cannot do anything as it is in our time frame. We would not agree to this as my son is 21 on the sixth of June and need to be back they said they had a recording of this which they cannot supply they have gone against their own policy which is they cannot change anything without the lead person agreeing which is me. Was told would cost me another £109 per person to change totally disgusting

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Peter Burns | | VERIFIED

Liars & con artists - here's what you need to do... 1 - make sure you book with a credit card... 2 - make notes of all details... 3 - when the scum change things and/or overcharge you - start a claim in small claims court or use MCOL (very easy) & make sure you claim against the scum (321 travel / Travelate) and your credit card company as 2nd defendant. 4 - get back all your money inc costs and i
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