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Kelly's complaint against Travelate

Kelly Webster


Disgusting Service and Rip Off

Complaint against Travelate

I booked a holiday for a party of 6, what i booked and what i got was 2 COMPLETELY different things. So we had booked Friday 18th May - Monday 21st May 2018. My colleague and i had spent days trawling the internet for the right holiday and came across these cowboys! I called the number went through the booking process was about to confirm and i asked to souble check the flight times! Thankfully as it was the wrong flights i has specified. Then found the correct flights and was told it would be £241pp (£1446) half board at the 3* Montesol in Benidorm and i had requested 3 rooms. Fab liked the hotel as we had 1 disabled person, 1 pregnant lady and a OAP in our group so the facilities were suitable for everyone's needs. I paid via my debit card then received confimation and the price was now £272pp (£1632) so i sent an email regarding the difference, no response so i called and was asked to submit info by email and they would look into it. I did this and the response was we need to pay £16pp each way extra for our flights....erm should this not be confirmed in your total holiday cost! So anyway took that on the chin and now we were looking forward to our breakaway. Got an email on Thursday 17th May to say that they has changed our hotel and if we were not accepting this then to email them back within 24hours! It was less than 24hrs before we travel. So i called to then be advised they has changed our hotel the 2* Benidorm City Olympia Hotel with 2 bedrooms. I advised it was a downgrade of hotel and completely unsuitable for our guests. I was promised several calls back which didnt happen. I called their in-resort rep also to see if i could get anywhere with them. I spoke with their so called Manager in the uk office who again promised lots of call backs but it never happened. So on the Friday i made more that 50 calls to the office which may i add the line often just cuts off. I eventually spoke to Paul who advised me that it was unacceptable that the hotel had been changed at such short notice and he was agreed that it was a downgrade. He advised me that he was on duty until 10pm that evening and not to worry as he would get this sorted. I called back yet once again as we were about to board the plane (approx 4pm) to be told he had gone home for the day! Excellent customer service! NOT We arrived in benidorm with still no phone call/voicemail etc so i called again to get their sales team. We had booked our transfer separately so had to try to explain to a lady who barley speak english what the situation was. We eventually arrived at our hotel, it was clean enough however the 3rd bed was a childs camp bed and the was only a shower over a very tiny bath which was impossible for our disabled person. The restaurant was very basic we used it once for breakfast then didnt bother again. Called their resort team on the Saturday morning.basically to be told its not their problem! I am absolutely disgusted with the service of Travelate and would never recommend nor use them again. They have yet to respond to my complaint. I would say they rip people off and lie. Apparently they record their calls however when asked to pull back my call they couldn't do it! 0/10

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Peter Burns | | VERIFIED

Liars & con artists - here's what you need to do... 1 - make sure you book with a credit card... 2 - make notes of all details... 3 - when the scum change things and/or overcharge you - start a claim in small claims court or use MCOL (very easy) & make sure you claim against the scum (321 travel / Travelate) and your credit card company as 2nd defendant. 4 - get back all your money inc costs and i
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