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Lisa's complaint against Travelate

Lisa Harris


Over paid & unable to check in

Complaint against Travelate

My complaint is that I was given a final price to include transfers & hold luggage for a holiday i had found on line for myself £759.00 was given to include everything I was assured nothing else would be added on. £794.00 was taken from my account. Also my hold luggage had not been booked or payed for on my return i was told at the check in desk if I did not pay €57 euros for my luggage I would not be able to get my flight home ! I did not have this money so my daughter had to book me another flight and pay for it which was €217.00 euros. I had to spend 12 hours at the airport for the next available flight home.

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Peter Burns | | VERIFIED

Liars & con artists - here's what you need to do... 1 - make sure you book with a credit card... 2 - make notes of all details... 3 - when the scum change things and/or overcharge you - start a claim in small claims court or use MCOL (very easy) & make sure you claim against the scum (321 travel / Travelate) and your credit card company as 2nd defendant. 4 - get back all your money inc costs and i
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