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Matthew's complaint against On the Beach

Matthew Kerley


Hauza Beach resort (Egypt)

Complaint against On the Beach

(This is a copy of my complaint in which I am waiting a response) Customer service manager I am writing with regards to the holiday that I purchased through On The Beach. The holiday was for 10 nights at the Hauza Beach Resort in Sham El Sheikh on an all inclusive basis. I messaged your company through facebook while on holiday and was told to email complaint to this email address. The hotel would not let us accept international calls or make international calls so there was no way of speaking to you about our concerns while there. On arrival at resort the hotel had no notification of or booking and they needed to contact a company to double check we had paid for hauza. After a long journey we were asked to sit inside the reception area where there was no air conditioning and wait until the staff could confirm if we indeed had a booking with them. Eventually this was resolved and we were escorted to our room at 8pm in darkness. After leaving our cases we made our way still in darkness to the pool bar. There we were met by other holiday makers who were complaining about hotel services and facilities in particular the amount of times that the bar ran out of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. We are generally very positive people and decided to attempt to enjoy our special holiday. On day two many people had transferred to other hotels which I wish now we had been able to do so. In our room our toilet didn't work and this took 30 hours to get sorted from when reported and also the front of the sink was missing. This was the only complaint that was actually dealt with by management while at hauza. Every area of the hotel was filthy with waste food and rubbish lying around. Areas that should have been filled with water from a running fountain were dry and therefore created a play area for rats which if close enough could be seen whilst eating your evening meal. Evening meals were served and often cooked in an outdoor dining room. There was a severe shortage of plates and cutlery and guest had to make do with eating their evening meal often from saucers and tea plates with plastic spoons, There was waiters who did there very best to help but they were so short staffed they had an impossible task. The hotel descriptor states the guests would have wine and beer with their meals. In 10 days I was not offered wine or beer despite asking on several occasions. I quickly realised that I was lucky if I was able to get a soft drink. However there was occasions when no drinks at all including water was available. There was limited lighting making it impossible to see what you were being asked to eat. More alarmingly was the fact that chicken was cooked in the same dark area which meant the cook could not see if the food was actually cooked. Once we discovered on 2 occasions that we were eating uncooked chicken we had no alternative but to eat elsewhere the rest of the holiday which costed us a lot of money. It was no surprise that almost all guest suffered from tummy upsets more than once during their stay including me for 3 days and my partner for 5 days! The tiles by the pool were cracked and had huge gaps, which we saw kids tripping over and falling on a number of occasions. There is only one dining room and no alacarte restaurants as advertised . This restaurant was used for breakfast and dinner service. A dead mouse lay at the entrance for over 4 days despite numerous complaints being made to staff . At the door entrance there was a hand sanitizer however this was empty for the full 10 days that I endured at this hotel. At no time was the aircon switched on which resulted in intolerable heat and swarms of flies in dining area. On many occasions there was no cold drinks with all machines being empty. Fights almost broke out daily with people attempting to get a plate or cutlery. One bar was opened which was advertised as a 24hour however they rarely had any stock there were days where they ran out of water and cups leading to no drinks being available in 40degree heat. Me and my partner spent over £400 on food and drink and medicine alone. We couldn't do desired trips as we had to use this money for living as the food and drink in the hotel was that bad/unreliable. Complaints were made on a daily basis but nothing changed. I did present a written complaint to be given to the hotel manager. This was photo copied and I was informed that this was being sent to Cairo to the hotels head office with no response ever coming back. I am disgusted with the service from the hotel and extremely disappointed that your company mis sold this holiday to us. It was falsely advertised to what it was said to be on the website. There was only 1 restaurant instead of 4, only 1 bar open instead of 5, spa was completely closed, diving center was closed, no kids club, no English entertainment, the only bar constantly ran out of all drinks, the service was generally disgusting and an embarrassment and unhealthy food which was properly what made us ill along with a lot of other people. If needed I can send photographic evidence to back up my issues . At this time I will expect an appropriate response and a discussion around compensation for the selling of a unfit hotel resort and a ruined and expensive holiday. ,Matt Kerley

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