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Tina's complaint against On the Beach

Tina chilman


Unsafe holiday

Complaint against On the Beach

On arrival at the hotel we were told that no reservation had been made there for my family, we had to wait over an hour for the hotel to contact the in country representative to confirm we had a reservation, In that time my children had to purchase drinks from the resort as we were not allowed access to the all inclusive package that we had paid for. The reception of the hotel was littered in dirty used tissues and smelt of sewerage. My husband attempted to take my children to use the reception toilets, these were over flowing in sewerage and unusable! Quite frankly unacceptable for use. When we were eventually shown to our rooms it was dark and none of the lights around the resort were working. There was bloody cotton wool on the door of our room and open drains and rubbish directly outside. The smell was unberable of stale human faeces. Inside the rooms had clearly not been cleaned and there was mucus smeared on the mirrors. The fridges were disgusting as you can see by the pictures attached. The bathrooms had not been cleaned and were not fit for human use. Further more the patio doors were not able to be locked, curtains were unclean and ripped and there were not enough beds in the room for my family. Laundry was soiled and there were exposed live electric cables as well as broken bedroom furniture n both rooms. You may also see form the pictures that the pool was not filled with water completely and there was green algea/scum around the pool edge, there were also broken tiles surrounding the pool which were extremely sharp and dangerous. There was also piles of rubbish and overflowing sewage in the public areas. I did not feel it safe or hygenic for myself or my family to stay there so we left immediately and booked into Coral hills resort next door. We returned to Badawia the following morning to meet the representative, who did not turn up. We called him and waited for him to arrive. He advised us not to check out and that he would transfer our holiday to another resort, he also assurred us that he would return within an hour with another hotel for us to stay in. He did not, he then did not return any of our calls. 2 days later he was in the new resort and we by chance bumped into him where he told us that it not his problem and that we should contact the UK. During this time myself and my wife made several calls to On the beach in the uk resulting in mobile telephone bills in excess of £300! The representative in the uk also told us not to check out. Coral hills only had a room for 3 nights for us to sta in and this room had no bed for my my youngest daughter to sleep on and she had to sleep on and arm chair. Whilst there we also became sick with food poisoning. Were you also aware that All seasons Badawia was closed by the police last month and is now being run as Badawia resort! On the 3rd day with nowhere now to stay and my entire family sick I had to find suitable accommodation as neither your customer helpline not the in country representative had found us anywhere to stay. We then moved The Royal Albertros hotel for the final part of our holiday. All of this at our own expensive costing us an additional approximate £3000.

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