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Samantha's complaint against On the Beach

Samantha duggan


When I tried to get boarding passes to go home, they had my sons name down as Samantha junior,

Complaint against On the Beach

When I saw there was a problem with getting my sons boarding pass, I went on web site to on the beach, I tried there live chats but we kept ex loosing connection because of storms outside, each time I called there would be a different person, by the 6th call I gave up as the only way according to them was to pat 110.00 to get the name changed. I am very upset at this stage , I was running out of Internet which you had to buy from hotel, I went to hotel reception for help, they were not helpful and went up to my room to phone on the beach. I called a number on my booking papers, which said it was a I resort emergency number, this did not work, so I called on the beach direct, I explained my story to a lady who seemed nice and said don't worry, I will find out and call you straight back. My son and I waited for over half an hour, she never called back,so I called again and spoke to a male, told him the story he was no help told me to take it up with Ryanair, I asked hi why the lady never returned my call, he said she was advised not to. At this stage I m in tears stuck with my 8 year old child. I then contacted my son and he sorted it for me in England. On the beach were no help and on leaving the hotel, I was produced with a 28.00 euro for the two phone calls to on the beach.

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