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Peter's complaint against Teletext Holidays

Peter Kingston


False pricing of holidays

Complaint against Teletext Holidays

This is, I now realise, a standard complaint against Teletext Holidays. I went to book a holiday (El Pinar apartments, Ibiza) advertised at £182 -- and recommended. Yes, the holiday was available, yes we can book it ... and the price (even after despairing haggling on my part) came out at £250. "You have to understand, sir, that as hotels and airlines book up, the price steadily increases" -- "Yes", I said, "But your website says it was checked as accurate about 75 minutes ago." "You will see, sir, the price will be higher still tomorrow unless you book it right now." So I abandoned it and looked again this morning at 7:15am; there it was, same price (£182) checked as accurate at 5:54am. When I complained to the company I got the same waffle as is common in these complaints: Live price is different, must check, etc, etc. In my view this pricing policy is very dishonest and the company needs to be brought to task. Incidentally, I had in the past (about 10 years ago) used Teletext holidays many times and never once encountered this problem. It must be a more recent management policy.

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