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Tina's complaint against Teletext Holidays

Tina Samgi



Complaint against Teletext Holidays

I would like to lodge a complaint against your company, I have been trying to book a holiday for 3 days starting on the 17/07/19 where i spoke to Russell, who offered me The Pineta park Deluxe Hotel in Turkey, when i passed over my bank details, he immediately tried to take money out but my bank wouldn't allow it, but then it released £2000, Russell is on the phone with me and telling me to take check if all details are correct, when i noticed the hotel was different , it was the Pineta Club Hotel, i immediately told him to stop taking money out as the hotel was wrong , but he said there were no rooms in the other hotel, then why i wasn't asked this before confirming my booking and taking my money, the next i asked to speak to manager and i was transferred to Adam Smith in the escalation department, who instead of apologizing , started showing me other hotels, i however conceded and listened , he offered me the Marmaris Park Hotel, i told him during the whole telephone conversation that there are 2 hotels by that name , one is the MARMARIS PARK Hotel and the other is THE PARK MARMARIS and both are in different locations and different addresses , but the Adam kept on tellling me that no there one and the same , names have been turned around, he read all the facilities available in the Marmaris Park Hotel, and also the address , thats when i agreed for him to go ahead, however i received my confirmation , and again i have been conned again , as it said THE PARK MARMARIS HOTEL, which was the wrong hotel, this ws the second day. the third day on 19/07/19, i on the phone since 9am when it opens, i speak to Santosh who said he will check and get back to me, he didn't , so i called again , this time i spoke to Gopal, who said he will look at my case and correct everything, he called again and confirmed that i am indeed going to the correct hotel, so i said i dont believe either one, i want a written confirmation stating the correct hotel, with the correct name , and address and booking .then only i will go ahead with this, he said he get back to me in 10-15 minutes, waited 1 hour and i called again spoke to Jasmine, explained everything again, i said i want to cancel everything, as i personally called both hotels inTurkey at my expense to check which hotel had my booking, MARMARIS PARK HOTEL (THE CORRECT HOTEL)DID NOT HAVE ANY BOOKING UNDER MY NAME, i then called THE PARK MARMARIS HOTEL, ( THE WRONG HOTEL) and they have a booking under my name. So you can clearly see how your agents have been lying to me , misleading me, making me a victim of fraud. On top, when i want to cancel everything i am told i cant get a refund, WHHHYYY , you are at fault, my hard earned money, haven't been on holiday even and i am lied to and cheated , i was taking my kids for first time holiday, and i have been put through 3 days of agonising stress and tension. finally i have spoken to your manager called Khalid, if he doesn't sort everything, i am going to be taking this further. I called today to find out that the manager Khalid has taken day off, so instead of dealing with my case , he went off, and even though he promised to get back and sort everything, today i spoke to Srikhant another manager who is going to look into this, but i fear what they will do, i need my money back.

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