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Sharon's complaint against Teletext Holidays

Sharon Hagen


[RESOLVED] - were sold a holiday a holiday to be thrown out of hotel at midnight because we had a child with us

Complaint against Teletext Holidays

We booked an all inclusive 5* holiday to Egypt. five adults one 15yr old. Details and passport information including birth dates and ages given on 3 separate occasions. When we arrived we were told it was adult only and we could not stay, then thrown out of hotel at 01:00hrs even after we begged to stay until the morning. Rep turned up and said we had to leave, gave no initial help. called help lines etc but nothing. Staff at hotel hostile. Rep hostile. Rep then said had found another hotel and would take us there. We got bundled in a cab which was quite frightening and taken to another hotel. No air-con, dirty, insects, very unplesant. Rep failed to turn up and hotel did not know who we were. eventually given rooms which were awful.Teletext called next morning who said to stay where we were. The hotel was 2* and not acceptable. We had many calls to teletext who said they would pay for alternative accommodation. We found another hotel on Teletext website but they said they could not book it until the following day. We called hotel and were able to book straight away. Teletext said ok and we should pay and they would reimburse us as well as telephone costs and internet costs associated with finding hotel. It took over 10 calls before a manager would call us and the Rep at the resort lied to Teletext and told them he had been to see us to sort it all out. No one came. No one helped us. Calls back to us we promised but never made. The staff at the second hotel then became aggressive as we were not staying any longer with them. We then paid to go to the 3rd hotel. Teletext did manage to get us booked in for the following 5 days but this took another day out of our holiday to organise. Teletext still have not paid our out of pocket expenses or sent us copies of the call tapes we requested and made an offer of 28p for compensation.

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Teletext Holidays resolved this complaint

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Teletext agreed to pay an ex gratia payment
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