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Rick's complaint against Opodo

Rick Weeks


[RESPONDED] Beware Opodo - excessive booking surcharges

Complaint against Opodo

I booked a cheap European flight via the Opodo web-search engine as they claim to be the cheapest. The air fare was £78 with a debit card- the regular fare - and then Opodo charged me an additional whopping surcharge of £32 (over 40%) with no additional benefit to me. When I complained to their customer service they said I should have read their Terms & Conditions. Opodo misleads customers into thinking they get a good deal when they end up paying more than necessary for a ticket. I would have been ok to pay a small commission charge but not over 40%.. Very poor business practice, they mislead customers. They don't deserve to stay in business.

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Dear Rick, I'd like to check your reservation to verify if any incidence occurred. However, according to your message, I guess that the price displayed was for paying with a special credit card as a promotion and you put a different one. In any case, and being willing to review your case, could you please indicate your booking reference and/or email address? Once we receive this information, we'll look into it and you'll be contacted shortly. Best regards, James - Opodo

Rick Weeks | | VERIFIED

James, My booking ref/transaction no: 0072810991. If, as you suggest there was a special promotion, this was not made clear. I use the web all the time for booking flights and tickets so would have seen it. Anyhow the price displayed was the regular airline price. Are you seriously saying there would NOT have been a 40% surcharge to me if a certain credit card had been used?! I'm afraid this sounds like another diversionary tactic away from the real issue of an excessive surcharge. Rick


Dear Rick, As per our records, this was the price you accepted when you submitted the booking process. In effect, there are 32.77 GBP for Opodo's fees and they were correctly displayed on the final screen before committing the purchase. However, we regret any inconvenience that this process may have caused you and we take you review into account to improve our service and customer satisfaction. Regards, James - Opodo Customer Care Team

Rick Weeks | | VERIFIED

I expected this standard 'cut and paste' response of regret as I've seen it before from Opodo. However the situation remains unchanged - I was charged a surcharge in excess of 40% for a simple flight booking. There is no way a surcharge fee of this amount can be justified, whether it's in the Opodo Terms and Conditions or not..I urge potential customers to thoroughly check end price before booking with Opodo and find other searches or go direct to airlines web pages to avoid getting stung
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