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Ernest's complaint against Opodo

Ernest Buthelezi


Opodo Refusing To Change My Booking or Issue Me with a Refund - Booking Ref No. 4626309800

Complaint against Opodo

Good Day , Alitalia: YFCMFF Opodo Ticket Reference No. 4626309800 Me and my wife and our two kids are currently homeless as we were relocating back to South Africa hence we do not have a place to stay anymore. On the 27th of July 2019, we were due to fly from London City Airport to South Africa (Johannesburg) via Italy and Rome. We arrived at London City Airport at 09h00 and waited for the check-in which only began at 09h45 since our flight delayed by 45 minutes. We were refused to travel by the Alitalia airline since we did not have a sheangen VISA and were told to that we can only fly from London Heathrow airport to Johannesburg via Rome. While were at the London City airport at about 09h55 we called Opodo to change our booking and was told that we cannot change our booking as they were no flight available for the same day. We did not find any help from Opodo until we left the airport at 13h30. I continued to called Opodo and waited for hours and hours on a chargeable line until 23h00 when I was told that the system was unavailable and I should call after 5 to 6 hours. I called Opodo again on the morning of the 28th July 2019 and was told that they cannot change my booking since we were marked as 'no show' by Alitalia airline. We paid £2271.82 which was the only money we had to take us home as we current do not have permission to stay in the UK. All we want is to change our booking so that we can fly from LONDON Heathrow airport. We called Opodo several time and they are refusing to rebook our tickets or give us a refund. They are telling us about airline policy that is not allowing them to change the ticket, the referred us to the Alitalia airline. We called Alitalia to report our problem, they also referred us back to Opodo and said that they cannot rebook us since we did not book with them Please help us as we have no money to buy another ticket and we cannot loss £2271.82 to Opodo for nothing. I did not pay this amount for only to get the confirmation email only and not fly to my destination. We urgently need your help as we are homeless, we are currently at the empty house where we were staying and we are here illegal since we have told the estate agent that we have vacated this property. Tomorrow we sleep on the street since the new tenant is expected to move in. Kind regards, Ernest Buthelezi (07452822870)

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