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Tim's complaint against Opodo

Tim Higgins


Overcharged in an instant!

Complaint against Opodo

This is the email that I sent to Opodo on 29/10, which never received any response (unfortunately, the effective OFT that I used before no longer exists): "YOU OWE ME MONEY! I booked a return flight through TripAdvisor, your offer coming up as the cheapest. The flights were listed at £109. My friend had just purchased the same flights for £104. I imagined the £5 difference was just because his booking had raised the price slightly. I did NOT know that he booked directly with Flybe. When I went through to your site to finalise and pay, a screen came up asking me to choose seats 'from £11.24’ which annoyed me since I thought that a seat would be included, unless I was supposed to stand for the whole flight! NOWHERE on your screen did it say that this was an option. I checked again. Nothing like ’skip this step’ or ‘just allocate my seat: £0.00’. I clicked on the cheapest seat, then ‘confirm’ and then I was not even asked for a seat choice on the return flight, which was strange. Then a pop-up appeared informing me that the aviator was increasing prices so I was to ‘book now to avoid extra costs’. I fully understood that had I NOT confirmed at that point and returned later, there may well have been a further price rise, so I clicked to pay and entered my card details. I was then charged £145!!!!!! You CANNOT advertise your offer at £109 and then hike it up during the process of confirmation to £145 only seconds later!!! When I checked after this transaction, YOU were offering the flights at £127 (£123 direct through Flybe), so even if there HAD been a price rise (which should never have affected a customer who has clicked on the offer at the original quote), it was NOT to £145 (or even £134 allowing for the seat choice I was scammed into buying - yes, scammed!). I rang your call centre to explain what had happened and complain, but I was told that not only are the seats only an ‘option’ (!!!) but that ‘prices fluctuate all the time’ and my charges were ‘valid’! I want you to recognise that this is just a flaw in your system, please, and refund me the difference, in cash to my account, or by cheque. DO NOT offer me a voucher! I had this with Bravofly a few years ago and they gave me a voucher for the difference they overcharged (as a goodwill gesture - HA!) which never worked the following year, despite me ringing them three times to sort it and being put on hold. I am NOT accepting anything other than cash refund. If this is not granted to me, I shall take this further. Not only are there ombudsmen, but I have a direct email to the OFT in Westminster that I used to get a cash refund from the liars at TalkTalk. I have no hesitation in using it again, nor do I have any hesitation in letting every review site on the internet know the truth if I am not remunerated, as I did with Bravofly. Refund the difference between the stated price (£109) and what they charged me (£145). Nothing less! NO vouchers. Cash!!"

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