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Srija's review of SpiceJet

Srija Kain


Delightful Spicejet travel

Review of SpiceJet

Spicejet Review - I’d like to tell that I am a sort of family traveler and I usually travel not alone but along with my mother. She has completed over 56 years of age. Unfortunately, she suffers from Osteomalacia, which is a bone degenerating disease that consequently causes fragile bones. Due to this, we stay cautious while she moves. So, thinking about our flight, Spicejet has been our only preference owing to its consistent performance against our needs and required assistance onboard and on the ground. It all has started on our first flight with Spicejet. We still remember its cabin crew, Priti that made our first flight a pleasant memory to uphold till now. For SpiceJet review, she makes an important acknowledgment as she provided generous support during our onboard journey and assisted my mother while reaching to seats and while deboarding the flight, too. At no point in time, we felt her as a stranger, she treated as if we are one family and my mother was utterly comforted by this. Similar sort of experiences has been in common flying Spicejet till date with the airliner. We truly admire this gesture from Spicejet.

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