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Robert's complaint against Holiday Lettings

Robert Rackstraw


Damage Deposit not returned. Misleading website.

Complaint against Holiday Lettings

I booked a trip to a villa in Ibiza called Dream Casa Mansion. It is known elsewhere as Perfect Villa Ibiza. Despite making the booking through the Holiday Lettings website, and paying the funds via Holiday Lettings, they now tell me that my payment was not protected, despite the fact that the website makes obvious mention of this. Plainly there is a lesson in fine print here. The owner of the villa has now stopped returning emails, and Holiday Lettings, says it's up to me to get the money back. I paid the money to them. I should receive the money from them. I have since found several other people who booked the same villa, through Holiday Lettings and are in the same predicament. I'm personally £1000 out of pocket. Pretty disgraceful. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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