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Steven's complaint against Holiday Lettings

Steven Price


Dream wedding turn't Holiday from Hell!

Complaint against Holiday Lettings

Back in January 2015 I was browsing for Villas large enough to accommodate 20 adults as a wedding celebration. I got married in Formentera on the 3rd September and the intention was to have a Villa from the 4th - 11th September. I managed to find a suitable Villa called Dream Casa Mansion in Ibiza through a company called Perfect Villas Ibiza, the letting was advertised through Holiday Lettings. After some discussions with Perfect Villas Ibiza around the villa and the price for the week, I made my first deposit for £3200, with the remaining balance of £4200 to be made by the 4th August. Around the 13th July I attempted to make the payment through Holiday Lettings and for some reason it wouldn't go through. I must of attempted in excess of 50 times to make the payment to no success. I contact Holiday Lettings and they advised it was an issue with PayPal. I contacted PayPal and they could see no issue on their side, however they agreed to make the payment direct to Perfect Villas Ibiza. Following my payment, I contacted Perfect Villas Ibiza through my Holiday Lettings Rental Inbox requesting that they updated booking reflecting that the balance had been paid. This is when my first suspicions on the values of their business began to arise. Although they initially recognised my payment via email, they still never updated the booking. Soon after they began ignoring my emails and they repeatedly hung up the phone when realising it was me. Eventually they did respond saying that PayPal were holding the money and that I was to contact them. So thats what I did, PayPal were brilliant in dealing with my dispute and reversed the funds. Once the funds were back on my card, I then, as advised by Holiday Lettings & Perfect Villas Ibiza made the final payment through Holiday Lettings on the 4th August for £4200 (this time it went through). I immediately received confirmation of the booking from Perfect Villas Ibiza and the booking was updated to reflect the payment made. I now had no reason to think I was being scammed and that the company I was dealing with were fraudulent and even if they were I was covered for the entire amount through Holiday Lettings insurance policy 'Peace of Mind' one of the main reasons I booked through them in the first place. Regardless of my suspicions on the company and the fact I had held multiple conversations with Holiday Lettings expressing my concern and the fact I was receiving little to no response from them, Holiday Lettings never advised me of any reported issues on Perfect Villa Ibiza. I flew out to Ibiza on the 29th August in advance in my Wedding to carry out some last minute preparations. I again contacted Perfect Villas Ibiza to ask what the arrangements would be for check-in day, i.e where I would be collecting the keys, what time check-in was ect etc..... again, no response, so I now cc Holiday Lettings, again at this point they have failed to advise me of any potential issues I could occur with Perfect Villas. On the 1st September I wake up to an email from Perfect Villa Ibiza and all my concerns / suspicions are confirmed. The company I had been dealing with were con-artists. They had cancelled the villa due to PayPal withholding the funds and stated that they were in a legal battle with PayPal and that they were suing them for damages to their business and if I wanted a refund I needed to contact them!! I spoke to PayPal immediately and they were great, very apologetic however denied putting any restraints on Perfect Villa Ibiza. I then contacted Holiday Lettings they also were sympathetic, however weren't initially willing to help financially. Eventually after my now wife hitting the roof and having multiple conversations (even on the day of our wedding) with Holiday Lettings, they reluctantly refunded £3200 as a 'good will' gesture, even though I'm insured through 'Peace of Mind' - the funds took over a week to clear. Between the time I was informed of the cancellation / scam and getting married, my wife and I then had to frantically search for a large enough villa for us and 18 of guests to stay in. Luckily we managed to do so, through no help of Holiday Lettings. They in fact sent through a load of potential villas none of which were in a similar price range and that accommodated 20 people, and to add further insult to injury, they even shared a villa managed by Perfect Villas Ibiza, how insensitive! The Villa we managed to find was however an additional £3600 on top of what we had already paid, but at such short notice and not wanting to leave all our guests who had taken the time to travel to our wedding with no where to stay, we were left with little choice. I then had to find £11,000 to cover the cost of the new villa, which I had to borrow. Holiday Lettings advised me that I needed to contact American Express in order to claim back the final £4200 paid to Perfect Villas Ibiza, regardless of the fact I was insured through 'Peace of Mind' I've since tried every possible way of claiming back my money and its been nothing short of a nightmare. Each company I deal with constantly passes the buck. Its now the 23rd September and I feel I'm still now closer to resolution. I've had nothing but stress and upset since early August dealing with Holiday Lettings / Perfect Villas Ibiza. Sicne returning to the UK, I've been contacted by a number of other holiday makers since posting a review on Trip Advisor saying that they too have fallen victim to Perfect Villa Ibiza. It appears they operate under numerous Limited Companies and each have the same goal... to rip of Holiday Makers. The worst part about it for me is that one female who contacted me was ripped of at the beginning of August for £10,000 and Holiday Lettings were obviously made aware and they still failed to inform me, regardless of my suspicions and the discussions held that I could occur issues with Perfect Villa Ibiza! All I want is for this to be resolved, my money to be returned and for no one else to have their wedding / holidays ruined by such scams. I also feel we should be compensated the additional amount we had no choice but to pay in securing a Villa at such short notice, not to mention the stress and tainted memories this has caused to both my wife and I

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