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Sarah Shanahan / Nicola's complaint against Holiday Lettings

Sarah Shanahan / Nicola Eary


Holiday Lettings Abandoned 8 months pregnant lady & 4 young children with no water for days!

Complaint against Holiday Lettings

We booked a villa with Holiday Lettings for around £2000 and our payment was "protected" by their 'payment protection'. When we arrived at the villa it was not up to standard for the following reasons: - Dangerous broken plug sockets that fell out of the wall - Broken light switches - Extremely bad cracks in the walls, floor to ceiling and full thickness of the wall - Severe wasp infestation around the pool area - the wasps were living in the large crack that ran around the entire pool - Ill-equipped kitchen, no sharp knives for food preparation, no plug in the sink so couldn't wash up dishes, no kettle etc - The tv was broken - 1 fan between all of us, (on arrival we were told the owner would buy more but these never materialised.) - The 'sun loungers' we were promised turned out to be broken old camp beds - No running water for long periods of time! The main issue of all was that the water kept being cut off continuously. The owner did not come to the property and did not make any attempt to fix the issue. We were told that a back- up 2000 litre water tank would kick in but it was empty! We therefore had no water. The villa agent's advice was to use the swimming pool water! Firstly this is unacceptable and not drinkable, secondly my friend was 8 months pregnant and couldn't carry a bucket of water and I am currently awaiting spinal surgery and can't lift anything heavy at all due to crippling pain so we were left with the embarrassing problem of having to use the toilets and not being able to flush them at all. We couldn't wash or cook food that required water. The owner did not bring any drinking water or any water of any kind to us during this time. We kept calling and we were told it would be fixed 'soon'. The water would be cut off for hours ie 14 hours + The agent (who spoke good english) got so fed up with the situation that she emailed us saying she could no longer help and was fed up with trying to sort things out with the owner and then stopped responding to our emails and calls. We were stuck in Spain in an awful place with no water, a heavily pregnant lady and four young children, the agent had abandoned us and the owner didn't care at all. We had no choice but to leave the villa and find alternative accommodation at a huge financial cost to us which we can ill-afford. We first contacted Holiday Lettings on the day after arrival and a case was opened. We spent 2 solid days phoning holiday lettings and emailing constantly and every time we were on the phone they would put us on hold constantly, shift us from pillar to post and not give us any actual information or solution. The call center staff do not speak perfect English (non uk call center) and struggled to understand exactly what we were saying which was extremely frustrating. It is now nearly a month on from our arrival at the villa and today we received an email saying that we wont be getting a refund because "the owner said our neighbour fixed the water". And that is it. The staff are full of nonsense, they tell you they are "investigating" but every time you call up they say the same things, every time i was told I'd be called back within a certain amount of time either they didn't call back at all or I'd be waiting double the time even though i was extremely distressed and at some points crying due to the situation. They will take the owners word for it regardless of what i say, I have an email from the owners agent saying how she agrees with us and is fed up of the owner and I showed this to Holiday Lettings and they still just tell me I can't have a refund because the owner said x y z. The payment protection isn't worth a penny, it's just there to make you feel confident with making the initial booking but the staff don't care, they will just say anything to placate you. The 'customer service' is just there to fob you off, they don't actually resolve any issues or help you. I am shocked that Holiday Lettings, a big company can say it is acceptable for anyone to be left with no running water and completely abandoned by the owner. I have full copies of all correspondence of this issue, as well as photographic evidence of everything and video footage too and also the email from the Villa Owners own agent who completely agreed with us! There was another property on site called the 'Cabana' and there were a group of Spanish people staying there who had the same terrible issues as us, no water etc.

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