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Lynne's complaint against Monarch

Lynne Lacey


Delayed flight

Complaint against Monarch

On our return flight from Gran Canaria a passenger was taken ill, so we had make a stop at an airport in Portugal, when we landed in Porto the airplane did not have enough oxygen bottles to continue the flight, so we were off loaded into the terminal to spend the next fourteen hours sat on hard seats, till they could fly some oxygen bottles out from the UK, we were told they could not find us hotel accommodation because there was a music festival on and there weren't enough hotels available, we were offered breakfast and lunch but these were cold and horrible, we weren't told we were entitled to two free phone calls. Although this is being classed as 'expectational circumstances' I don't believe that they did there utmost to look after the passengers they left in the airport for 14 hours, when the flight attendants and pilots were taken to a hotel for the duration of unscheduled stop, I feel like we were dumped in the terminal with no information about what was happening and left to fend for ourselves.

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Harry Cole | | VERIFIED

The fact that Monarch do not answer any comments on 'A Spokesman Said' says more about Monarch that the ability of this forum to obtain a reply. Monarch are arrogant in the extreme - just witness the level of complaints on the Monarch Complaints Facebook Page.
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