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Barbara's complaint against

Barbara Jameson


Serious injury on outward flight to Venice.

Complaint against

Last October my daughter and I were flying to Venice for a short break which for me was much needed after several difficult years and the death of my mother.Shortly into the flight I was given a cup of coffee which was extremely hot,much hotter than airlines are supposed to serve.I did not realise that the top was not securely attached and as I lifted it the coffee poured out over my upper thigh and groin. I spent the flight with enormous blisters on my leg and soaked in blood and hot coffee. Apart from throwing me a small antiseptic wipe which was of no help the cabin crew offered no other help at all. On returning to the UK I paid 4 visits to hospital and GP for treatment.I am still scarred but the worst thing apart from the pain was thatI bled and blistered all through our short stay. Since I sent copies of my medical treatment to Jet2 they have refused to accept any responsibility for my injuries.Infact they have accused me of causing them myself,whilst not providing any evidence to the contrary. I have been passed back and forth between individual personnel at Jet2 for months. The last email yesterday was telling me that as far as they are concerned case is closed and they have nothing more to discuss. I have asked for information equivalent to Freedom of Information and I have been told that I have to"send a cheque" for this privilege!Although the writer doesnt seem to mention how much.Like many people now I have no cheque book.This appears to be another tactic to discourage people to abandon their rightful claims. What should have been a therapeutic break for me and my daughter was spoiled. Thankyou.

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