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graham's complaint against Travelup

graham ogle


Confusing, Iniquitous procedures of TravelUp

Complaint against Travelup

I tried to book flights to my daughters wedding in Perth recently. I attempted to get the same flights as the rest of my family which were from Gatwick and I also thought I should get the flights from the same travel agency as my daughter received a £10 voucher upon booking her flight. Unfortunately, this was a bad idea as half way through booking, the screen refreshed on TravelUp's website and I had to start again. Then again upon my second attempt and in the final stages of my booking, my payment didn't go through. I had to start all over again. I then went through the process a third time, this time a bit faster as I wanted to not be 'timed out' again and suffer more expensive flights. I unfortunately then noticed upon completion of my booking that my flight out from England was booked from Stansted and not Gatwick. I rang TravelUp who sent me around a few different agents while I waited around 45 minutes before I decided to halt my actions and send them an email. Their response left me less than enthusiastic, for to change this flight out, I would have to pay them £430 per person which is only £130 less than the cost of the original flight. I was then told that the flights were non-refundable and I would receive only £21 overall from TravelUp in return for a cancellation. I then spoke with Emirates directly who mentioned their policy was that the flights were refundable at the cost of £300 each or if we were to change them it would cost something around £200 each. Why is it the TravelUp can charge me the extra £230 per person to change? How is it that they can refund me £21 when if I went through emirates, they would give me around £300? I have also checked the other flight from Gatwick and it seems there is plenty of space for us to be moved on to the other flight. Why is it so much for such an action? I'm very upset as now, due to my financial situation I am unable to afford the expensive changes and am going to have to fly out from Stansted by myself and without the rest of my family when we should be going together as momentous occasion in our lives. Is there anything I can do?

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