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Anissa's complaint against Travelup

Anissa Madjer



Complaint against Travelup

AVOID AT ALL COST, TRAVEL UP HAS RUIN MY HOLIDAYS!!! LEFT ME IN AGONY AND MY 2 KIDS DEVASTATED BY NOT BEING ABLE TO GO ON HOLIDAYS!!! I booked on a 19 August just around midnight 3 tickets (myself and my 2 Kids) for £1,100 and notices 2 hours after booking that my daughter surname was incorrect and notify straight away Travel Up to modify the name. Travel upp has deliberately delayed dealing with this issue. They do not respond directly to emails and in order to get a response I had to send 4 emails begging them to contact the airline earlier morning on 20 August 2019 Nothing was done!!! I had myself to call the airline (Iberia) the staff in London were very helpful and nice I was told that they can amend any mistake in a booking as long as it is during the first 24 hours but as I didn't buy my tickets directly with the airline that travel up should contact them directly! When calling Travel up (please note they call are high rate) I get the phone put down on me!! When I called a 2nd time same day Someone with an asian accent told me to stop calling them 20 times a day and that Someone is dealing with it! Full stop they won't give you any information!! WORST CUSTOMERS SERVICE EVER!! Iberia airline where much better, Polite and Helpful such a SHAME! IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE WITH YOUR BOOKING DON'T EXPECT TRAVELUP TO SORT YOU OUT. ITS NOT IN THEIR INTEREST TO AMEND OR RESOLVED ANYTHING SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO PAY ANOTHER TICKET AND GET THE CANCELLATION FEES! I WAS UNABLE TO TRAVEL WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER WE LOST OUR MONEY AND NO HOLLIDAYS! SCAMMERS TRAVEL UP SHAME ON YOU!!

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