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Stuart's complaint against Megabus

Stuart Hendry


Dreadful customer service

Complaint against Megabus

I was scheduled to take the 22:05 coach from Cardiff to Pembroke Dock on our way to catch the overnight ferry to Rosslare. When we arrived at the bus stop there was another Megabus there but the driver had no idea where our coach was or indeed how long it would be until it arrived. At about 22:15 I asked if he could check and he called the depot and was told the driver was likely to be at least another hour and a quarter which meant we would be likely to miss our ferry. The driver who was there offered no reassurances on the matter and joked that "I hope you've brought sleeping bags". Seeing as we were contemplating missing a ferry which would scupper greatly our holiday plans I felt this was both unhelpful and indeed ill-timed. I decided that to rectify this I would have to drive to the ferry so got a taxi to my house and drove both myself, my wife and also 2 passengers who were in a similar predicament but with no access to a car so I offered them a lift. Because of this I have had to leave my car at the long-stay car park at Pembroke dock and seeing as we will be returning home to Cardiff in 3 weeks via Scotland and not Ireland, this is highly inconvenient situation as well as a costly one.

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