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Andrew's complaint against National Express

Andrew Lea


Ripped off to amend ticket error

Complaint against National Express

Two days before we were due to fly back from Florida I noticed the time on my National express bus journey was wrong and I needed to get a later bus from Heathrow to Leicester. I tried to change the time on the website and it warned me that I could incur a charge for traveling at a later time. I was ok with that and tried to change the time. It quoted me a £38 amendment fee on top of the £41 I had already paid for two tickets. I checked on the website to see the cost if i had just booked the tickets at 10:30 instead of 08:30 which I had accidently done and they were only £5 more. I rang the phone line number to try and amend my ticket on the phone with the hope they would understand and was told I would have to pay a extra £38 to change times. When I explained there was not a £38 difference in the journeys and I was told I had booked a special offer price. At no point was I made aware I was getting money off. I thought £41 was the going rate for a 2 hour bus journey. I asked for my money back as I said I could get a train of nearly a taxi for this sort of money and they told me it was non refundable. I then asked if I checked the website every day would the bus prices be £80 from London to Leicester and they said no as you could get the special offer ticket I had unknowingly brought. As they had refused to refund me and I had to get home to go back to work the next day I paid the extra £38 on top of the £41 pound I had already paid. I feel ripped off and have been left £38 out of pocket for a simple error i noticed days before traveling.

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