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Mike's complaint against Pontins

Mike Paul


Complaint - 9910724

Complaint against Pontins

Hi Please see this complaint about the following holiday Southport Holiday Centre, Ainsdale Beach, Shore Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 2PZ Booking refences for all parties – 9910724 / 9910725 / 9910726 We wish to make the complaint about the following • Arrival to the park & Conditions to the apartments • Cleanliness of the Swimming area • Use of activities on site Please see below • Arrival to the park & Conditions to the apartments o Upon arrival to the park we arrived at 13:00 and went to reception where we were told we cannot go into the apartments. We went back to reception at 13:40 and the keys were ready for 2 of the Apartments but the 3rd one was not ready. o As this was booked for a family of 12 people we all needed to be together, so reception moved someone around (Apparently) and got us all together. When we got to the apartments all 3 smelled of smoke. o Upon further investigation Apartment 7 Block 4 smelled so badly of smoke we couldn’t remain in the apartment for more than 5 minutes. This apartment was for a child of 4 months o We went back and forth to reception and even got the general manager to come and smell the condition and they were not happy  Their solution was to move the one apartment around the other side of the park. As stated above this was a family holiday o Also bearing in mind we have paid per apartment to upgrade to get those apartments they were less than satisfactory condition  Please see photos attached of pictures taken of your apartments o It also appears you are out of date for the electricity testing for each apartment • Cleanliness of the Swimming area o This was highly unattractive and the toilet area and swimming area was appalling condition  Please see photos attached o Whilst we were swimming everyday there was no sign of cleaners only life guard – the toilets were not cleaned whilst we were there for our stay • Use of activities on site o As you can see from the picture on the side of the building the BMX track was in perfect condition but when you visited the bike track to the rear of the park it had become overgrown and unattended o The children were not happy regarding this as they were looking forward to this • Also – due to the condition of the 3rd apartment we had to purchase our own air fresheners to maintain the clean environment of the apartment. This has been paid for by myself and would like the cheque to the amount back of £11:40 which has been attached on Image 1 The overall holiday from start to finish was appalling from the attitude of your staff and the activities on site. It appears nothing has been put back into the park even though we visited a few years ago. The park has been left to defend for itself with the conditions of the apartments and the activities area. If you would like me to break down which photo goes with what please let me know We have not accepted and compensation / gesture of goodwill from the park directly as I wanted to make a complaint to head office about it as it may fall on dead door. I have discussed in length what the family want to resolve the complaint and they have advised they want either of the following The holiday refunded with the reason above The holiday replaced at an alternative site linked to the Chain of sites I look hearing for your response

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