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neil's complaint against Pontins

neil crispin


Dangerous and disgusting

Complaint against Pontins

To Whom it may concern We arrived at The Brean Sands site on Monday the 3rd of October with my wife and 2yr old son. It took 40 mins to check in which isn't acceptable to start with, after arriving at our room (459) we discovered it was filthy, after we complained we were told the room had been cleaned, i explained it hadn't been cleaned as the floor was covered in food and debris, i was then told i was "rude" to request to talk to a manager by your counter staff. The next step was for the accommodation manager to inspect the room and promised me that it would be cleaned properly and this is the condition of the room after the cleaning had take place There was large sections of dirt and grime in every corner of the room which had been built up over many weeks and maybe even months, black spore mold on the curtains, graffiti on the door frames, damaged furniture, a TV that you could not use the remote for as it didn't work, the seal on the double glazing was perished so you couldn't see out due to condensation between the glass, vents stuffed full of paper i'm guessing because they didn't close although i didn't want to touch it to find out, holes and damage to the walls disgusting condition of the lights which were full of dead flies and i mean hundreds of dead flies, At this point it was already late so we had no choice to make the best of it. On site fish & chips was horrific, i challenge you to identify the food stuff in the pictures i have no one else can so i don't fancy your chances. The onsite shop only had bacon, cheap pizza's and ready meals so we went hungry, luckily we brought food for my son. The site is completely run down, and unsupervised including several large inflatables that had no guards around the Fans which are the perfect size for a small child to put there finger through, Litter covered the site as well as there being paint all over the walls and broken live light fittings and damaged transformers. Now we get to the main issue The criminal Endangerment of life while my wife was taking a shower and my son was playing on the bathroom floor, i noticed the towel rail which was turned on completely unprotected as in there was a LIVE 240V feed into it which was completely exposed in a room with my two year old child!! just stop for one second and imagine that take a breath and imagine seeing your son inches away from a Live unprotected 240v feed.......... At this point i completely lost my cool and screamed extremely loudly at your useless staff, the on site electrician confirmed it was live and when asked confirmed it would of killed my child instantly if he touched it. I was informed that you don't give site refunds even after almost killing my son..... this policy was reversed after a loud toe to toe argument with your operations manager, how she could argue this point is unbelievable, Again you directly endangered the life of my son. We had to leave and pay for a new hotel, travel a great distance to get to the hotel and we have had to dispose of all bedding we brought to the park due to the filth. Someone is going to lose there child at this site, i have no doubt that if you aren't shut down some child will be killed

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