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Jodie's complaint against Pontins

Jodie dyer


Holiday from hell

Complaint against Pontins

The floors in our room were so dirty we couldn't take our shoes off either, cigarette buts and dead bugs and god knows what..... We have a 3 yr old and his socks were black ten minutes after getting there, our friend had a 6 month old and it was too dirty to put the playmat down argos own brand ironing board not even unwrapped chucked on the floor, hairs and tissues all over the beds, broken drawers, missing cupboard doors, an oven so dirty and rusted I wouldn't touch it, filthy kitchen utensils, a shower that backed up with a foot of rank water if used, it stank of drains we had to have the windows open even though it was freezing, filtthy fridge, a rock hard sofa half the size of a single bed (advertised as a double room) which my husband and I had to share, bags and bags of rubbish and other peoples dirty laundry in and outside our doors (Which didn't move!) the soft play was the worst, my friend put the baby in the ball pit and he got a massive lump of hair and dirt in his mouth that we had to fish out, my son went into the soft play clean and came out dirty......no where to get food or drink apart from the disgusting canteen which was so gross because everywhere was closed ..... Vending machines of sweets and Coke were the only option, when I ask where else we could get something I was told to go to the pub!!! With the kids!! The canteens food was inedible gave us all stomach ache for days,. The people behind the counter were all touching the food and there was abou ten people wearing dirty whites, none of the entertainment were open, told tough. We got there at 5pm on the Friday and we stuck it out till 10am sat till we decided to leave We were suppose to stay till Monday, I waited for 2 hours in the queue to complain because there were so many other people complaining and checking out early, I complained about the room and was told they could move us but the room would be the same or worse!! That was her exact words, because the cleaning staff had walked out a week earlier! I asked to speak to a manager and was told managers don't work weekends because of the complaints! The customer services since has been diabolical to the point where they said they refuse to answer any further emails, this has been going on since March 2015 and they will not refund us or email us further

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