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mouldy Pontins =hospitalised with pneumonia!

Complaint against Pontins

Hi I'm September 2014 my husband, 3 children and I booked a weekend break at camber Sands Pontins, having had a bad experience before due to the dirt In our chalet, I was a bit apprehensive about going, but as Pontins had advertised they were refurbishing camber we went ahead anyway assuming refurbishment had been completed! On arrival with our children, youngest being 4months, our chalet appeared to be filthy. Wanting to make the most out of our stay I proceeded to clean the chalet, bleaching floor, cleaning toilet and shower/bath and using antibacterial spray on any surface possible! Everything was sticky and had a brown tinge to the most used areas. The toilet had poo stains in and cutlery had dried on food on them! After doing all this work (!) we proceeded to unpack... After night 1 I became slightly wheezy and had to take my specialist inhaler more than usual, carried on through the day. Night 2 came along and at this point I was struggling to breathe at full capacity.. As day three came round, my husband started getting a closer look at the chalet and on inspection found black mould spores on the front door, black mould on the walls that had started to come back through the paint that had been painted on top of previous mould in an attempt from.Pontins to cover up the problem they obviously knew was going on! We left that lunchtime on.our way home I had to ring 111 and was told to get home and ring again as had to be in my home address for a visit. At this point we arrived home and I couldn't get out of the car due to a full blown asthma attack, triggered by the mould on our stay. We rang 111 again and instead of the usual ambulance car arriving 111 made the decision to send out an actual ambulance. I was taken to hospital with lights and sirens withing 9 minutes. I was admitted immediately and placed on a continuous supply of oxygen, was started On a course of steroids, antibiotics and had iv antibiotics. As told by my Dr I was the illest patient placed on a high dependency ward. A chest xray confirmed I had pneumonia brought on by the mould spores that I had inhaled during our stay. Avoid Pontins at all costs as this cheap holiday nearly cost me my life!

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Claire weston | | VERIFIED

I had pneumonia after staying here at new year
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