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Sammantha's complaint against Pontins

Sammantha Shanahan


Poor standards

Complaint against Pontins

We recently returned back from a weekend break, dates 9th of February to the 12th , firstly when this was booked my partner who the booking name was under called the site to request a downstairs apartment due to her knees and plus having a 1yr old in a buggy, we was prepared to pay the supliment charge for ground floor but the person who did not have a clue on the phone told us that we can not book that and that the accomodations team would realise we have a toddler and assign us to ground floor hopefully, if not we can change on the day. When we arrived to the site we got our keys and was told by the bluecoat that our apartment was on the ground floor only to get to it and realise it is on the top floor, we then went back to reception to query this and was sent back to the entrance of the park to sort this out with the accomodations team who then informed us we should have paid for a ground floor and that the person on the phone was wrong to tell us that information.granted the lady in there was very helpful probably the only helpful person on site all weekend. We then had to go back and get keys back from the reception again and finally get into the apartment to find dirt everywhere coffee beans spilt on floor a white substance on the kitchen work top and generally filthy on the floor all in all we had to clean it better than the sites cleaners before we allowed our kids inside. We decided to make our way over the try and enjoy the parks kids fun time in the evening we let the kids have a go on the arcade machines on-site for every single machine we went too to not work or take our money and had to constantly chase the attendant. We also thought the site would have a general lift for customers to make our way upstairs to the fun factory to find there is a tiny lift for disabled users and had to find a member of staff for the key for this which could take up to half an hour at 1 point .For a family park with loads of tiny children and families with buggy's this is unacceptable and really bad for health and safety going up and down the stairs with young children in a buggy. There was no timetable whatsoever for any of the activities and struggled up the stairs one of the days with the buggy and kids to find the laser tag we was told was open was actually closed. There was no covering or rubber mats for the amount of mud or large puddles entering/exiting the trampoline park so therefore kids getting soaking and dirty. The onsite facilities chicken shop / kebab or whatever it was the staff was oblivious to any customers waiting to be served and took 28 minutes to be served just some onion rings as we counted the time we was tempted to walk away but we had already paid for the items.

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