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Lesley's complaint against Pontins

Lesley Anker


Terrible Holiday

Complaint against Pontins

When we arrived on the Monday we had no hot water being told we wouldn't have any til the next day. On the Tuesday we woke up to a pnematic drill digging up a drain outside our chalet at 8.00am. When we went to reception they told us that their workmen didn't start till 9.00am so nothing to do with them.When we got back after going out they had diggers working outside our chalet which meant we had no chance of relaxing which is what we went on holiday for. The workmen also blocked the path so we had to walk much father to get to the restaurant. On the Thursday again we went out and when we got back we hadn't any water atall. We were told that it wouldn't be on again for at least 2 hours. We were so fed up we decided to come home because we couldn't stand it anymore. Also we went in to the cafe on site asked for three different meals that they couldn't. serve we only arrived on the Monday and this was the Tuesday. The restaurant was a shambles no tables cleared or cleaned for more people arriving.. Then to add insult to injury the cabaret didn't turn up on the Wednesday night. When we left the receptionist was quite rude and condescending making it sound like we were telling lies If we had been told what was happening it wouldn't have been so bad but the didn't keep us informed. Also an apology would have been nice but didn't get that either.

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