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Lynda's complaint against Merlin Annual Pass

Lynda Hookins


Family discount ticket

Complaint against Merlin Annual Pass

I have purchased 10 tickets while the sale was on, so all ticket were at the reduced rate. It was the first time ive gone for the passes so went for the family tickets that allowed 5 tickets in each family, so i did 2x family. Then , i wanted to just get one more ticket for me. I tried again during the sale period for one ticket, but was not allowed to get just one ticket because it wasnt a group , i had to pay quite a lot extra. I also wanted the on the same order so i could collect them together. I called and managed to speak to an advisor, who said..i would have to cancel all the other tickets (that i had by now already collected, because i had waited soo long for a response to email) then, i would have to order them ALL again, download all the photos, pay again .....and then .i would be reimburst my first payment. Thats over £1000 !!! For the sake of one ticket!! I will never go through all this again.. ive sent email that have been ignored..and still waiting for an update for over 2 weeks..i dont kniw if this is going through Chessington world of adventure or Merlin either way ..this should not be so difficult. Custoner service at its worst. Incidently, when i went to collect hailstones we waited for an hour in the queue..then they couldnt find all the tickets because it was 2 orders. But i was shocked that in this freezing cold temperature, they had young kids 16 year olds the carpark in a flimsy little hi viz ..they looked absolutely frozen...while the kids inside, had chessington padded jackets on! Shameful!! Whose running the show down there.? Anyway, what shall i do now. I still want a merlin pass for me for £108 ..why is this soooooo hard to arrange ? Thanks

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