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Robin's complaint against Merlin Annual Pass

Robin Clarke


Lost hope and fun for little ones

Complaint against Merlin Annual Pass

We are a low income family but every year my wife and I make huge sacrifices in order to buy the Merlin passes every year so that our two young children can enjoy the parks. Having not yet used our passes this year I took a day off (which is unpaid for me so costs us dearly) to take the children to Chessington world of adventures. It is a long car journey for a 3 and a 5 year old as the M25 often has tailbacks that make the trip up to 2 hours. Today the family were very excited and my two little ones who rarely get to see me due to work commitments could not stop jumping around with happiness. We made all the preparations, checked the Chessington World of adventures website to make sure all was ok, filled the car with fuel and set off. Again it was long trip due to traffic complications and the children were getting more and more desperate for the toilet. I told them 'not long now! We will be there soon'. Finally we arrived and we were all so happy. That was until we pulled in to the car park to be greeted by a grim faced attendant telling us to turn around and leave. At first I just thought this must be some mistake, surely they would have put something on there website or similar if this was the case. Surely I haven't just lost a day's pay, an entire tank of petrol and wasted precious time driving my family here for nothing? It meant so much to my family that the children started crying as soon as they heard what the man was saying. At this point my 3 year old was desperate for the toilet. I asked to speak to a manager as I just could not believe all that was happening, these passes were so expensive for us. The manager arrived and said in no uncertain terms that we were to leave immediately. I asked if my young son could at least use the hotel toilets as he was desperate. The manager refused and said we needed to turn around. What choice did we have. We were given a letter and some £10 off next visit vouchers (as mentioned we have the merlin passes so this is useless). I then turned the car around, feeling like crying myself as I was so dissapointed for the children. We have lost so much today in terms of money, time and precious moments away from work with the children. If there is indeed someone reading this who cares i just wanted you to know how this affects some families.

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