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Debs's complaint against Holiday Gems

Debs Towler


An experience chosen for recovery after serious op has in fact made us more sick

Complaint against Holiday Gems

Booked online .Holiday gems took the money without actually booking said holiday.Then as others have said an hour long call next day to try charge us extra and diswade us from cancelling .etc etc etc.Next day after agreeing to pay extra due to having been confinced we would have no holiday HG took even more money than agreed .We went to bank in a panic due to stress and I suffer with extreme anxiety was worried they could do as they like.Now we are being threatened and harassed by holiday gems to cancel the chargeback or they will cancel said holiday and then charge us full amount.So I had to comply or we would lose the money regardless.Funny how company is impossible to get hold off but hasn’t ceased to harass and threaten us.Even after everything we still have not got the correct tickets and details.We have also had to pay for insurance and car parking which with both having heart conditions has been expensive.yes we want a holiday but Not thro this bullying company.who don’t answer phone or emails surprisingly.Soooo Beryl don’t reply with you don’t take money prior to booking confirmation that is a lie, you took ours within seconds .Youve made us both ill and I shall be following this up.Id like to advise people to record phone calls to and from this company as I have so I have a record of the threats and lies.

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Debs Towler | | VERIFIED

Still having to call and email for correct details of our holiday.Still apparently travelling back same day as travelling out .No replies from 4 emails and promise to sort it after phone call never materialised

Ian Love | | VERIFIED

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