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Charlotte's complaint against Holiday Gems

Charlotte Huck


[RESPONDED] Charlotte Huck

Complaint against Holiday Gems

I paid Holiday Gems £100 6 months ago to amend the dates on my holiday. I sent written confirmation to the agent and as far as I was concerned it was sorted. I emailed and chased an up to date itinerary from the agent but didn’t receive a response, I then emailed a couple of days ago due to my trip coming up shortly. I received an email to advise the flights had been changed but no details of my hotel had been changed - why would the flight dates be amended but not the hotel?!! I rang to speak to someone about the situation but they didn’t want to know - just said I need to email a generic address and wait 72 hours for a response which is a ridiculous time frame given the fact I had no hotel at that point so was under a huge amount of stress! I was also told the £100 fee I had paid may not stand and I may have to pay more! Another worried night went by and still no response so I had to call again (another 20 minutes on the phone now totalling 40 mins - no idea how much my phone bill will be this month) - I then spoke to someone who went and spoke to a manager and then came back to me and advised the hotel had been sorted. I advised this still wasn’t good enough - I had been under a huge amount of stress and spent hours sorting the issue out so asked to speak to a manager. Funnily enough the manager was busy (even though she’d just spoken to her) so I requested a callback. I was surprised to actually get a callback from the manager soon after but was a complete waste of my time - all she did was blame the whole situation on the fact that the agent I had emailed had left the company and left no notes on the file - well I’m afraid that’s not the customer’s problem - you chose to employ that member of staff. I chased the agent up a couple of weeks after and received no out office or confirmation my email had been sent to another member of staff which surely is common practice when a member of staff leaves. I explained to the manager that they have caused me a huge amount of time and stress but was told they had now fulfilled their contract and I am not due any compensation. What sort of company allows this to happen then not treat their customer’s fairly after they have made a blatant mistake? What would have happened if I had arrived at my hotel without chasing the company up? I would have had nowhere to stay due to them not doing their job right! They are happy to take your money but their after sales care is a shambles!

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. Your holiday has been changed as requested and no extra costs incurred. It was explained by our manager that the staff member in question had left, on a Friday, without notice and we were unaware that she would not return. The collapse of the Monarch Group happened on the following Monday and we are sure that you will appreciate the resulting impact.

Charlotte Huck | | VERIFIED

No extra costs have been incurred but a lot of my stress and time has which doesn’t seem to be factored into your response our your manager’s response

Charlotte Huck | | VERIFIED

Still no response to my email raising an official complaint a week ago and no response to my above message..a fine example of HolidayGems customer service!

Charlotte Huck | | VERIFIED

Still no response 22 days after my original response directly to holiday gems complaints email address. I have chased for a 3rd time and now received a bounce back so looks like I’ve been blocked from their mailbox! What a great way to look after your customers!
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