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Bradley's complaint against Holiday Gems

Bradley Phillips


[LAPSED] Dirty Hotel

Complaint against Holiday Gems

My partner and I travelled to Nerja for our honeymoon 25/09/17 and arrived at the accommodation at 23:00. The first thing we noticed is that there was no-one at reception so we had to ring a number that was on the door. that itself was no worry so we did this. the man at the end of the phone then told us that the keys were hidden in a box outside and also there was a map showing us how to get to the apartment. We were told to check in in the morning. So we entered the apartment but what we saw was and is utterly disgusting. The first thing I will mention is the fact that it was dirty, unclean, untidy and not somewhere we would have chosen to stay if we had been told the truth about the apartment. The shower was broken and could not be attached to the wall, the bath itself was filthy around the sides. The curtains in both rooms were not attached to the rails properly and there was no air conditioning. There WAS a fan that did not work. Even the bedding was dirty, the bottom sheet was filthy The sofa itself was unkempt and even if we DID want to relax and watch the TV we had no remote.I then rang reception to discuss the issues as there was no way that we were going to spend a honeymoon nevermind a holiday in the apartment provided, its not what we were promised and it was certainly not what we paid for but we were told " There is nothing I can do until the morning" So eventually we slept with out towels on the bed and refrained from using the shower in the hope that this could be rectified in the morning. Morning came and we were keen to get this sorted out so we could get showered and crack on with our honeymoon so we went to reception, the time was 10:45. It was closed....again so I rang the number on the door and there was no answer. On 14 occasions up to 15:00 I tried with no answer. We were obviously being ignored and we had not even checked in yet, im assuming he did not want to see us as we were going to complain, looking at the documents and information we hold this is our first step to a possible resolve but this was not going to happen was it? We therefore decided that the only way forward was to find another source of accommodation which we have, its clean, tidy and is exactly what was advertised. It cost us a further £400. We tried to ring and make contact 14 times to rectify this, we asked a housekeeper who told us to ring the number but we obviously did this. So in short we have been ripped off. I have since followed the procedure and emailed Holiday gems and the Beryl Robins and this is her reply oh and look at all the typos. Good Morning Ultimate responsibility is the Tours Opeartor for whom we act as agents. Tha is te Global Travel Goup under whose ATOL licence your booking was protected. They are the supplier in the UK. That said, any claims and complaints on return must be via Holiday Gems as we have acted as your agent in this transaction. I have already called and they will be contacting you shortly. I have given them both mobile numbers shown in the booking. Bets regards As yet I have heard nothing from these people and I have of course emailed Beryl robins with no reply. So there are a few ways around this, although they are not registered with ABTA for obvious reasons you can still take a case to the small claims court as I will be doing. We all need to be doing this as others will suffer if we don't and I would not like to see a family including small children have a miserable time because these horrible people lie through their teeth for a few quid. .I

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

Firstly, apologies for the typos which were missed. That said, you did not post the original response which states Dear XXXX Thank you for your email and we are most disappointed that the hotel requested and booked was not as expected. We have forwarded your correspondence to the suppliers, but to protect your rights, we would recommend that you immediately contact the number/email below

Bradley Phillips | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Bradley Phillips | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Bradley Phillips | | VERIFIED

Oh one more thing. As we had to switch hotels we also had to change our pick up point with YOUR transfer company. We confirmed this twice with them and I have recorded phone calls if you'd like to hear them. Guess What? They didn't turn up so we pain 70 euros to get to the airport. When we rang them they said that it would be down to you to refund us. I have a receipt.

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

Our responses are character restricted which does put us at a disadvantage. WE do not own a transfer company but use a third party supplier. We recommend that you email [email protected] with the receipts so that the matter may be addressed with the suppliers.
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