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Alyson's complaint against Holiday Gems

Alyson McDonald


Disgraceful customer service

Complaint against Holiday Gems

Customer service has been disgraceful. Everybody I have spoken to abdicates responsibility For resolving a forced cancelled holiday due to airline company. Nobody in this company accepts any responsibility for support. It’s always another department or somebody else you’ve spoken to. Three weeks of promised paperwork in the post and nothing arrives. 45 minutes waiting on the phones then rings off. Holiday Gems are unprofessional and evidently novices as not one person can explain why a travel agent who I booked a package holiday with is not responsible for the refund when the holiday was cancelled by Ryanair and an alternative not available. The money was paid to holiday Gems over £900 and therefore as the agent who handled the booking you should reimburse the money. I’m appalled with the attitude of all staff I have spoken to.

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