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Melissa's complaint against Holiday Gems

Melissa Jennings


False Advertising and Lying about Pricing

Complaint against Holiday Gems

I would like to bring to your attention, the Way I have been lied to by holiday gems and also to make you aware of the bad reputation that false information on it's website is giving the company. I am planning a wedding for my mother in Grenada, so I require a lot of rooms and flights. Last week i checked on holiday gems website and saw a price of £2700 for two weeks including accommodation, When I contacted the company over the phone I was told that it's website is not live so prices given on the website MIGHT not be the same. I sent to the sale rep all the details required and it took her over a week to get back to me, which I had to constantly chase her up about. She came back to me finally over a week later with prices over the listed price on the website, and even stated that she has to charge the wedding couple more in order to get the free wedding package ( which is nonsense) as when I contacted the hotel in Grenada myself I was told by the hotel manager that he or none of his staff gave her that information. It should not have to take me ( the customer) to double check to see if the sales team at holiday gems are providing me with accurate information. So now holiday gems has not only wasted my time but I have suffered financial lost by having to call Grenada numerous times, because of the conflicting information given by their sales rep. Please note that i tried to bring this complaint to the attention of the sales rep, but she responded with a email which I find unacceptable and shows that neither her or her manager is capable with dealing with such matters. Please can some sensible person at holiday gems look into this matter as a matter of urgency, as if the company condones this false advertising just to get customers I will be reporting the company to the trading standards for false advertising, as they can't have the same price on their website for over a week and then claim that their website is not live. Their website has to refresh every day at least, this is just absurd and I am disgusted to know that holiday gems treats it's customers like this. ( please check the link below where there are many people complaining about the bad practices of hoilday gems) I have wasted valuable time with holiday gems and have been lied to about pricing and I have been informed that I am not the only one who has suffered by the hands of holiday gems and they have set my wedding plans back by over a wedding which in wedding terms Is a lot of wasted time.

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