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Complaint against Holiday Gems

Booked holiday through Holiday Gems (HG) end June 2017 travelling to Hurghada from Manchester 8/2/18 returning 1/3/18 staying in Sunrise (adults only) sold by Thomas Cook, Total cost for flight and hotel £2018.00 A couple of days after I booked a friend advised me that major pool renovations would be taking place on those dates. I contacted HG who denied this was the case. I contacted Thomas Cook and the Hotel on more than one occasion who both advised major pool renovations would be taking place Jan and Feb. I rang HG who advised complaints could only be handled via email.(I emailed copies of conversations with Hotel and TC). During July and Aug I continued to email HG asking for a refund (I didnt want to go to a building site). They informed me in Sep that small renovation works were taking place at the beach bar, there would be no noise and the pool would be open therefore I could not change. I contacted Thomas Cook again who once again confirmed pool closure and major renovations and I let HG know this. On 22/9/17 HG informed me that in fact there was going to be major renovations and they were offering me the Hilton Hurghada. I did not want this hotel because we needed to be in Hurghada Town. I once again asked for a refund as I was totally fed up by this time and understood that if a holiday was changed significantly you were entitled to a refund. I was told I wasnt entitled to a refund and if I cancelled I would loose all my monies paid. After several email exchanges I found a Hotel in Hurghada Centre the Bella Vista and said I would accept this instead of loosing my money (through no fault of my own). This hotel is much cheaper but they will on discount £290. I can book the Bella Vista for £300 per person with lots of companies and therefore should have a refund of over £650. Another main issue is that they don't answer emails and you cant speak to anyone in person to complain.

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