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Thomas.Mason-Edgar's complaint against Holiday Gems

Thomas.Mason-Edgar Mason-Edgar


[LAPSED] holiday in malta (through holiday gems at bugguda hotel blue sea

Complaint against Holiday Gems

my partner booked a holiday was a disaster right from the start. When we arrived in Malta were taken to the wrong hotel and had to wait for 3 hours to be transfered to the correct to the hotel.we were tired as it was 1 30am .when we arrived we were given a room with a fridge,cooker,sink and kettle, all we wanted to do was sleep.we went to reception in the morning to complain and to see holiday rep (who didnt turn up) eventually we given another room. we got to the room my partner went to open the door i noticed a window next to the door i said to her to stand inside the toilet i open the window from the outside.back we went again, the recptionist made a phone call to the rep. twice she said what do you want me to do i tried to explain about what was going she would not listen i just hung up. we were given another room. at night i woke up i seen a cockroach,i killed it .we went for breakfast it was disgusting lunch was the same and evening meal was the same.then we that night i found cockroach in the toilet it was 2 long inches i killed it but did not tell my partner,as she to ill i had to take her to the doctor. i found mouse droppings in the room. there was no swimming pool that was shown in brochure, it was in care home, next door, the indoor pool was contaminated, all there was, was two chidrens pools . no entertainment,when we asked for a drink it was put into a small plastic cup lager was the same they wouldnt give a pint. this was the holiday from. also when we did eat there would be no cups or plates cutlery, no tea spoons.i could go on. if you look through brochure nd look through travel agents like my girlfriend did, booked through www holiday i phoned and was told it was wrong place,i was told to phone the laison office which i did i told to go on computer same again please help

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

This complaint must be handled by our customer liaison department which has no record of any issue being raised in this name. We are unable to address the matter in this forum as we require a formal complaint, in writing/email, from the lead passenger only so that any issues may be raised with the supplier/tour operator. Any illness claims must also have scanned copies of the medical reports
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