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caroline's complaint against Holiday Gems

caroline Coles


[RESPONDED] Hotel overbooked downgraded for 3 days!

Complaint against Holiday Gems

We arrived at our hotel Caleta Dorado on saturday 24th june approx 6.30pm after a long journey with 3 tired & hungry children we were told there were no rooms for us. We were given no real explanation were simply told we had been booked into another hotel Caleta Gardens 10 mins away. We were so upset we couldn't accept this the children were now crying and our party of 8 were all very upset. I phoned Triton rooms and was told we should have rooms and they knew nothing about it being overbooked. As it was a Saturday I only got through to the emergency number but was told to go to the Caleta garden (a 2 star down grade hotel ) for the night and someone would call me Sunday morning. We reluctantly went to the other hotel but by now it was nearly 9pm and the restaurant was closing!!  We were given 2 rooms directly in front of a club that opened at 12 until 6am it was so loud the children cried nearly all night and nobody slept that night. The rooms were disgusting the beds were broken, floor tiles cracked with sharp edges everywhere and disgusting bathroom & kitchen area! (Pictures attached) The rooms were a danger to be in my husband cut his toe on one of the cracked tiles and I badly scratched my leg on the damaged bed. On the Sunday morning we went to breakfast, the food was edible but the plates and cups were cracked and some stained with food marks. That morning we were told by reception to speak to the on-site rep a German lady she would help us sort out another hotel equivalent to the one we booked and paid for. When we went to see her at reception we met other families all crying and distressed as they had also been sent away from the Caleta Dorado Hotel! She was very rude to us and not interested at all in our situation she even banged her hands really hard on the table and told us all to be quiet! She also said to my daughter who had 2 toddlers with her 'to go home if she didn't like it'! My daughter was left sobbing. I then got a call from a really nice man from Triton rooms who was very sympathetic but said as it was a Sunday nothing could be done so unfortunately we had to spend another night in this awful place! He agreed we had been down graded the hotel we booked had a small water park and lots facilities for children the Caleta Gardens was clearly not for families with children it was a budget hotel for older people. We couldn't even take the children in the pool as it wasn't suitable for young children. As we had to stay another night we asked to be moved to the back of the hotel as the club across the road meant we couldn't sleep and the beds were broken but we were told there were no more rooms available! We had another sleepless night and by now very grumpy bored children. I rang Triton rooms first thing Monday morning and asked to be moved to a hotel up the road with children's facilities he said he was speaking to his manager and would call me back asap. He rang at 11am and told us we could now go back to the Caleta Dorado and although we we were relieved we were still upset at the way we were treated Saturday night. We eventually got back to the hotel Monday afternoon so after losing nearly 3 days of our holiday that we had all saved so hard for and were really looking forward to we were at last there!  When I spoke to the man from Triton rooms on the phone when on resort he actually said he could Cleary see we had been downgraded and would definatly be entitled to compensation! Yet after sending my complaint I have now received an email saying it has been investigated and the rules were followed and we were moved to a same grade hotel (complete lie) ! They are also saying we needed to complain when there which I made very clear WE DID COMPLAIN whilst there I spent lots of my time on the phone to the man from Triton rooms and we asked many times to be moved to a suitable room but was told there was no other rooms available. I also sent pictures of the damage to the beds and dangers in the room and still holiday gems are saying we are not entitled to compensation! We have used Holiday Gems many times but will never ever use them again the one time we need them there not interested. Once they have your money that's it they just don't care if you have a bad experience! I am not letting this drop I will take it as far as I can until we get compensated for this awful start to our holiday!

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

This is a complaint regarding the standards at the hotel and not the service of Holiday Gems. We have been advised that a complaint has been received by our customer liaison department who will follow the protocol with our suppliers.

caroline Coles | | VERIFIED

This is definatly a holiday gems complaint we booked and paid for our holiday through holiday gems and when we got there we were downgraded to an awful cheaper hotel. I have been in contact with this lady Beryl Robins many times but she just isnt interested in helping me at all! We have followed all the protocol for complaints and still nothing being sorted. AVOID HOLIDAY GEMS AT ALL COSTS!
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