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Susan's complaint against Holiday Gems

Susan Redman


[RESPONDED] Just dodged a bullet

Complaint against Holiday Gems

Thank you everyone for your reviews. Yesterday I selected a holiday and flight on the Holiday Gems website for myself and a friend. I gave my friend a detailed account of all the costs, to which she approved and so today set about booking the holiday online. Fortunately I had a query regarding luggage allowance which prompted me to actually ring the company for comfirmation. After relaying all the holiday details to the young lady, she then asked me what price I had. I thought this strange, however, was stunned when she said 'ah yes but that's not the live price'. 'Live Price' ? It's the price I have been quoted for the holiday and flight on the website. She then went into great detail about how prices fluctuate on a daily basis bla bla bla.... I told her to forget it, I would book direct with the hotel chain for which I already had a price. She said she would see if she could match the price, however couldn't which I found strange for a suposedly reputable travel agency. This nonsense prompted me to actually review the company and, boy, am I glad I did! I feel very sorry for everyone who has been duped by Holiday Gem's deceitful trading practice, and grateful that they have taken the trouble to warn others.

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

This appears to be an online order and no payment is taken when the order is submitted. The orders processed are on a request only basis as the costs and availability are fed directly from our suppliers and/or brokers and we have no control over the content, Once orders are received by our office, should we not be able to honour the booking at the web price we will call the client.

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

Any suitable alternatives are then up to the client to accept or not. No payment is taken until our client agrees to the new costs. A pre-authorisation only is held, and released immediately if no booking is confirmed.. As you have chosen not to accept the alternatives, the order has been cancelled and no payment taken. We regret that we have been unable to assist you this time

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

Further, flights and accommodation booked separately are not considered a package and you will have no ATOL protection for bookings made this way.

Brenda Loman | | VERIFIED

Feel like we were duped thought we had booked a holiday paid with card.Booked kennels today only to get home and message on phone.Phoned straight back woman who answered didn't want to help said woman was on phone and would call me back.Over 4 hours later i phoned again.After checking price had gone up by over £140 did not want to pay it.Just hope we get money back lost £50 deposit on kennel alrea

Simon J | | VERIFIED

I feel violated. But am now enjoying a Fantastic holiday at the same hotel / location free upgrade as our flight was diverted also a late checkout. Not all companies who advertise a fair priced hassle free holiday are the same. Read and really do take note of the reviews.
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