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Ron's complaint against Holiday Gems

Ron Philpott


[RESPONDED] Money taken from account unauthorised

Complaint against Holiday Gems

Your agent contacted me yesterday about a holiday in was interested in and said the room was not avaliable for the original price quoted. I therefore said I do not wish to proceed further . Later that day I noticed a few of £75 has been taken from my bank account whigh I have not authorised. My bank are looking into this . This company are always changing either flights or accommodation. I know this is always a problem as 3 friends have contacted them for a holiday and all 3 have had problems with the rooms being more expensive . Holiday gems are just a bad company and rip people off

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

We must refute this complaint. Authorisation of the debit is given on the online system should we be able to can honour the order at the quoted cost. This was honoured and no increased charges were given prior to the cancellation of the order and therefore became liable for the cancellation charge. We do not rip off people and rate very highly on reputable review sites

Ron Philpott | | VERIFIED

This was not honoured and the hotel room level advertised was not avaliable when the agent called and I therefore had every right to cancel without charge As a matter of fact the charges are totally out of line with reality . £75 for a few minutes effort . Total piss take and others need to be warned .

Ron Philpott | | VERIFIED

Strange how there is no response from them now. I also find it hard to believe that there are many complaints which are not even answered by holiday gems . Shows how bad they are

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

We have listened to the call and you were advised that the room was booked automatically as per the terms and conditions. We can only reiterate our previous response.

Ron Philpott | | VERIFIED

I bet you wouldn't use the call as evidence as you know it's a lie . I am taking this further and the only thing I will do for your company is a lot of free advertising here and abroad .. see you in court
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