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Razna's complaint against Holiday Gems

Razna Akhtar


[RESPONDED] No reply from customer liaison about cancelling holiday

Complaint against Holiday Gems

Booked holiday through holiday gems was excited and only paid deposit of £300 but that's when it all went down hill after booking it took ages to get our documents then the info we received was incorrect that's when all the doubts kept creeping up we even emailed the agent who booked it she kept saying don't worry everything is going to be ok we needed details of holiday but wasn't provided straightaway kept saying admin will get intouch with the rest of the documents which still hasn't happened and we booked this in aug 2016. Our holiday is in March 2017 but read lots of bad reviews about booking with holiday gems like hotel not paid after getting there going to the wrong hotel being stranded unable to contact them in stuck getting higher charges I started having an anxiety attack which I suffer from contacted their customer service to get reassurance but the agents didn't help kept saying we can't guarantee this which sent alarm bells off why couldnt they guarantee that our holiday is fine we will be at the right hotel and if not then they can put us in another one I got so upset with the sgent who just seemed like she couldnt be bothered that I decided I couldnt risk this and due to their agents and the poor customer experience wanted to cancel holiday which the agent replied she couldnt do anything I have to email customer liaison which I did on the same day but no reply typical I don't want to get any cancellation fee charges which I don't believe I should have to pay as I only paid deposit if u can't guarantee my holiday is safe and I won't have any problems when I get there why should I go and pay so much money just to be stranded abroad with no help and also gave notice of cancelling months in advance and havnt booked anything else apart from paying deposit I am entitled to cancel free of charge and get my deposit back agents should be therr to help customers and help booking a holiday easy and stress free which holiday gems didn't do and now I'm stressing out

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

We do refute the contents of this complaint. The email was received less than 24 hours ago. Whilst our customer liaison department will respond formally and not in this format, we would advise that the contents of the review are incorrect and require a full investigation.

Razna Akhtar | | VERIFIED

I apprrciate it's only been 24 hrs and you have to do a full investigation so I will give it a few more days but it would help if you could tell me how long this usually takes until u formally send me a reply but it doesn't help that your agents don't make things easier and have no answers to anything I ask apart from contacting your customer liaison

Razna Akhtar | | VERIFIED

Please don't say my complaint is wrong after how Iv been treated
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