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phil's complaint against Holiday Gems

phil roberts


[RESPONDED] Outrageous fraudsters

Complaint against Holiday Gems

Booked an advertised holiday with holiday Gems , or apparently I didn’t as it didn’t exist,, as an hour after they phone up and inform you that it’s £300 more, fraud by any other name , worse still having sent an email confirming I have cancelled it holding on to the full cost on my card a week later, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS BUNCH OF CON MEN

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Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

No payment is taken when the order is submitted.The orders processed are on a request only basis as the costs and availability are fed from cached data directly from our suppliers and/or brokers and we have no control over the content, Once orders are received by our office, should we not be able to honour the booking at the web price we will call the client to to offer alternatives

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

It is then up to the client to accept or not. No payment is taken until our client agrees to the new costs. A pre-authorisation only is held, and released immediately if no booking is confirmed. Please contact your bank in this regard. As you have chosen not to accept the alternatives, the order has been cancelled and no payment taken.

phil roberts | | VERIFIED

It is false to say it is a “ request only” you give a flight number and a price for the flight , you give a hotel with choice to select your room , with a price quoted , you are deliberately misleading people , then playing on people’s emotions by contacting them with get you onside sales techniques, yes sir all your accommodation is confirmed, yes your flight is all confirmed, but the price is,

phil roberts | | VERIFIED

More expensive due to the airline! Hoping that people won’t want to loose their holiday or disappoint who they booked it for , it’s deceptive, wrong and you should be stopped

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

On every page of the order process, there is a blue box to the left of the page which clearly indicates the process. This is also reiterated in the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed when submitting the order.

Beryl Robins | | VERIFIED

We would also advise that use of the phrases 'fraudsters' and 'con men' can legally be construed as libellous

phil roberts | | VERIFIED

I would just like my money back so I can book the holiday I promised my wife I will book it with someone who doesn’t hide little boxes on their site to deceive people Libel ? Go for it put it in front of a judge and see who they side with

Janet Young | | VERIFIED

I agree Mr. Roberts, they come up with such bull about terms and conditions. To you Beryl Robins, you seem very vocal on this site, it’s a shame you’ve not answered the huge influx of email complaints you must get on a daily basis. Customer service could do with going on a course on “ How to speak to customers “. If you take legal action Phil count me in please, il share the costs.
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