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Complaint against Holiday Gems

So I have booked a holiday with holiday gems for 9 people but within 24 hours of the booking 3 people decided they did not want to come so I phoned up and asked to change the booking to 3 other people. This was all fine and there was a £465 fee to pay for the change which I agreed to pay however, I have been sent through my new booking documents which state the 3 people cancelled from the booking as cancelled but do not include the 3 people I added. Also i have booked 4 rooms but have only had confirmation for 3. After numerous emails, which they refute recieving and trying to speak on the phone I do not seem to resolve this issue and when I do email I have just been sent the wrong documentation through again. It is 4:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep as I have been responsible for booking holidays for these people and and all I do is worry that the whole holiday is now going to go wrong, it is quite a while to go to our holiday as we do not go until May next year but because I am having such a bad time already I know now I am going to worry for the next 7 months if I ever get this matter resolved. I am seriously considering cancelling the whole thing, which I know is going to lose me a massive amount of money but I think it will be worth it for peace of mind rather than have another 7 months of stress. Holiday gems your sales team are great and very helpful but your after sales service leaves a lot to be desired.

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