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Rosamund's complaint against British Airways

Rosamund Lee-Harper


British Airways wrong flight destination booked in Carribean

Complaint against British Airways

I booked a special holiday (it was special for all the wrong reasons) as I am 65 and not in good health and wanted to go somewhere whilst still able. I booked a holiday with Secret Escapes and realised there was no flight included. I contacted British Airways and booked a flight through them. The girl was charming, helpful and pre-booked a seat plus wheelchair assistance. All was well until I flew. It was a very early start and a long flight. I got into Antigua Airport and was waiting in a wheelchair for the ongoing flight to St. Vincents (my hotel and final stop) to be advised there was no such flight and my onward flight took to me to another place entirely to the north of Antigua. I was tired (my disability is ME/CFS) and had to try to get to the bottom of this. I could not get through to any of the telephone numbers on my paperwork. Antigua Airport was tiny but very noisey and I couldnn't get away from announcements so that was difficult. After a while I called my friend who advised to get a BA Rep within the airport. This I did 3 hours was spent with him talking to BA and getting it sorted out so I would have a hotel (grotty) overnight the correct flights but not until the next day. I am precising this but it was very traumatic. I was travelling alone and was exhausted and could barely think. BAdid not answer my emails during my holiday to ensure my return travel was correct. I did not get the reply. My hotel in this regard was very good but the flight numbers we were given were incorrect so again pretty horrendous. I wrote to BA and got no response. After several weeks I did get to somebody and the upshot is that as I did actually get put on a flight that is the extent of their responsibility and policy. If I was travelling in the near future I may and no guarantee get an upgrade.

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